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11. GRADUATE STUDIES IN PAINTING, PART 1 (the interaction of color)

In the muddled state of mind in which I started my graduate studies in painting, it's not surprising that I was grasping for a direction...any direction.  Up to that point, much of my painting direction in undergraduate studies had been directed by projects assigned by my instructors.  Now I was on my own. It seemed natural that I start where I had left off, so I began from my Paul Klee and Bauhaus inspired geometric abstract oil paintings... IRREGULARLY GRIDDED PAINTINGS    I was soon experimenting with applying oil paint with rollers in which I could modulate color very subtlely.  For contrast, I masked off stripes that set off the background colors.  These paintings had a soft meditative glow rather than the staccato rhythm of the prior gridded paintings.  You had to spend time with them to appreciate them... BAND MODULATION SERIES, 1967-68 I n addition to Paul Klee, I was studying the work of Piet Mondrian and Ad Reinhardt who worked in a square, or sq