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THE METER IS RUNNING After becoming acquainted with my Russian Hill neighborhood and beginning to 'climatize' myself to city life, 'the meter was running.'  I had a great apartment but no income.  I needed to find a way to support myself. I come from a family of teachers: my dad was a teacher as was my mom.  My brother was a professor and my sister-in-law had been a junior high teacher.  Even several of my cousins were teachers.  But, oddly, I had never thought of being a teacher and hadn't been comfortable when I had attempted to do so. So, I arrived in the city  determined not to teach .  I was desperate to find a job that wasn't repugnant to me. 'PLAN A' I did have an inkling of a plan.  The city is a place of commerce and I thought maybe that's where my future lie.  As a graduate student and when I was teaching at Happy Valley, I experimented with woodworking and building very simple furniture...  The idea had been to keep th