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INTO THE UNKNOWN I had come to a dead-end in Ojai.  I was naive and inexperienced.   In the summer of 1973, I packed up and moved to San Francisco.   As a 28-year-old,  I had much catching up to do.    I  a rrived i n the city as a blank slate...with no 'game plan', no place to live, and no job prospects. I had only one immediate thought in find someplace to live.  And as  I knew nothing of San Francisco neighborhoods and districts, I had no idea of where to begin to look.   But I did have help in the person of one friend...and that was enough... ALAIN Alain had moved to 'The City' three years before---after leaving Jon and I at our little ashram in Meiners Oaks.   He was giving lectures on spiritual life, teaching music and piano, as well as beginning a practice in homeopathy. Being cosmopolitan, Alain was city-savvy in general, and San Francisco-savvy in particular.  His knowledge was an incredible resource: he knew good shops and business