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ALAIN'S MENTORING Alain was concise and articulate as well a playful and funny.  He took great pleasure in lightly teasing me...and I always was game for it.  I could see its truth as well as its humor.  He was a natural teacher and mentor at heart, and when the three of us created our little ashram it was natural that he would mentor me. Though I had a university education, even a graduate degree; though I had some skills in art and music; and though I could write and articulate my ideas, none of that was enough.  There was an emptiness I felt...something was missing...I wanted my life to blossom and flower. I was determined to lead a quality life...a life of goodness rather than selfishness, to pursue excellence rather than material pleasure, and to create and surround myself with beauty...however humble. But where to begin...? THE RUDIMENTS OF BEING CIVILIZED I told Alain of my dilemma.  This percolated between us for some time...days, weeks...I don't