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9. LOOKIN' AIN'T SEEING (the depth of vision)

THE DEPTH OF 'VISION' If I had to summarize in one sentence what I learned in my first four years as a university art student, it would be this: seeing  is a lot more than looking . ..or to put it the other way around: looking  is not seeing .  Not only has that insight continued to inspire all my painting since, but it has also made me mindful of the way I experience the world as well as the way others do. A painting, or drawing, helps us see . Painting is obviously about seeing ...but what isn't obvious is that looking at something isn't the same as seeing it.  We look at things all the time...but we rarely  see them. A lot of what we call painting is only looking at things on a superficial level.  I think of that as making 'pictures'...but not painting.  At university, I realized that painting is much more than copying the appearance of something and this realization opened up a whole world for me. This dichotomy between looking and seeing appl