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45. JOB #2...and 'The City'

Down the street from the Academy was Flax's, an extraordinary two-level supermarket for art supplies.  Flax's carried everything an artist might dream of, and more.

If I got a position there, I could purchase all the painting supplies I would a significant discount.

As was becoming my custom, I walked in and told the unwelcoming, formidable woman at the desk that I was looking for a position and had an MFA and a great art background.  The answer, as usual, was: 'You and everybody else in the city with an MFA wants a position here.  Sorry, we don't have any openings.'

With uncharacteristic confidence, not knowing that the woman I was talking to was the matriarch of the Flax clan, and, out of desperation, not taking no for an answer, I asked if I could talk to the owner...who happened to be her son.

Reluctantly, she directed me to his office upstairs.

Philip Flax greeted me with a smile, but gave me the same answer I'd heard …